The long-term impact of TFR on economics
ESH eLearning, François-Xavier MAHON, 285152
Awardee 2019
ESH eLearning, Carolina PAVLOSVKY, 285150
Homeostatic interferon priming in haematopoietic stem cells
ESH eLearning, Marieke ESSERS, 285149
Curing CML: To be, or not to be, that is the question
ESH eLearning, François-Xavier MAHON, 285151
“Efficacy and Safety of Bosutinib by Charlson Comorbidity Index in Previously Treated Patients with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia: Results From the Phase 4 BYOND Study
ESH eLearning, Tim Brümmerdorf, 285155
Keynote presentation : 20 years of TKI therapy in CML: What have we learned?
ESH eLearning, Charles SCHIFFER, 285148
Adaptive Oncogenesis
ESH eLearning, James DE GREGORI, 285147
Late relapses after TKI-discontinuation are not uncommon and exhibit different kinetics as compared to early relapses - a preliminary report from after−SKI
ESH eLearning, Johan RICHTER, 285146
Novel Ways To Activate And Target NK Cells With Specificity to Leukemia: From Individual To Off-The-Shelf Products
ESH eLearning, Jeff MILLER, 285154
Loss of Abelson interactor-1 is linked to inflammatory hematopoiesis and accelerated aging of hematopoietic system
ESH eLearning, Max PETERSEN, 285153
NF-kappa B-dependent proteasome activation as a mechanism of resistance to imatinib
ESH eLearning, Anna EIRING, 285145
Keynote presentation : Deciphering the molecular and functional complexity of pre-leukemic and leukemic stem cells in CML
ESH eLearning, Peter VALENT, 285144
Individual response of CML patients to TKI dose reduction can reliably identify patients with high risk of molecular relapse after treatment cessation
ESH eLearning, Ingo ROEDER, 285143
The dysregulated CML stem/progenitor cell secretome alters the polarisation and function of Philadelphia chromosome negative bone marrow niche macrophages
ESH eLearning, Amy DAWSON, 285142
Les Défis des Maladies du Globule Rouge
ESH eLearning, Yves Beuzard, 286514
Panel Discussion on the ESH John Goldman International Research Award on Treatment Free Remission
ESH eLearning, Faculty / Presenter(s), 286464
Mechanisms of B-cell development with relevance to lymphomagenesis
ESH eLearning, Ulf KLEIN, 286465
Signaling components in lymphoma
ESH eLearning, Thomas OELLERICH, 286466
Pathogenesis of Hodgkin lymphoma
ESH eLearning, Christian STEIDL, 286467
Epigenetics in lymphoma
ESH eLearning, Ari MELNICK, 286468
Molecular mechanisms of B-cell neoplasms
ESH eLearning, Thomas OELLERICH, 283465
Evolution of the genomic landscape in CLL
ESH eLearning, Dan Landau, 283466
Insights from single cell or proteome analysis in lymphoma
ESH eLearning, Ash A Alizadeh, 283467
Transformation and genomics in follicular lymphoma
ESH eLearning, Jude FITZGIBBON, 286469
Novel mouse models of aggressive lymphoma reveal distinct molecular vulnerabilities
ESH eLearning, Christian REINHARDT, 286470
The role of the microenvironment in lymphoma
ESH eLearning, Karin TARTE, 286471
Modulation of the tumour microenvironment in CLL
ESH eLearning, Silvia DEAGLIO, 286472
Targeting of kinases to modify the lymphoma microenvironment
ESH eLearning, Phuong-Hien NGUYEN, 286473
Metabolic gatekeepers in B-lymphoid malignancies
ESH eLearning, Markus MUSCHEN, 286474
CARs, TRUCKs and beyond : novel strategies and constructs
ESH eLearning, Hinrich ABKEN, 286475
CAR-T cell update in DLBCL
ESH eLearning, Stephen J. SCHUSTER, 286476
Longterm follow-up of CD19 CAR therapy in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
ESH eLearning, Jae H. PARK, 286477
Targeting the signaling pathways of lymphoid malignancies
ESH eLearning, Andreas Strasser, 283472
Faculty panel discussion: What are the big discoveries in lymphoma pathogenesis over the last 5 years? PART 1: Genetics and precision medicine
ESH eLearning, Dr. A Melnick (moderator), Dr. R Dalla-Favera, Dr. J Fitzgibbon, Dr. E Campo & Dr. C Reinhardt, 283468
Faculty panel discussion: What are the big discoveries in lymphoma pathogenesis over the last 5 years? PART 2: Liquid biopsy
ESH eLearning, Dr. A Melnick (moderator), Dr. R Dalla-Favera, Dr. J Fitzgibbon, Dr. E Campo & Dr. C Reinhardt, 285231
Strategies to integrate genomics, novel agents and traditional approaches
ESH eLearning, Barbara Eichhorst, 283473
Faculty panel discussion: What are the big discoveries in lymphoma pathogenesis over the last 5 years? PART 3: Tumor microenvironment and AI
ESH eLearning, Dr. A Melnick (moderator), Dr. R Dalla-Favera, Dr. J Fitzgibbon, Dr. E Campo & Dr. C Reinhardt, 285233
Faculty panel discussion: What are the big discoveries in lymphoma pathogenesis over the last 5 years? PART 4: Epigenetics and targeted therapies
ESH eLearning, Dr. A Melnick (moderator), Dr. R Dalla-Favera, Dr. J Fitzgibbon, Dr. E Campo & Dr. C Reinhardt, 285235
Metabolic gatekeepers in B-lymphoid malignancies
ESH eLearning, Markus MUSCHEN, 283469
Faculty panel discussion: What is the contribution of the immune system in pathogenesis and therapy of lymphoma?
ESH eLearning, Dr. M Hallek (moderator), Dr. S Schuster and Dr. K Tarte, 283470
Mechanisms of resistance against CAR-T cell therapy
ESH eLearning, Andrei THOMAS-TIKHONENKO, 286478
Preparatory regimen for efficient CAR-T cell therapy
ESH eLearning, David MALONEY, 286479
Mantle cell lymphoma
ESH eLearning, Simon RULE, 286480
ESH eLearning, Gerald ILLERHAUS, 286481
Waldenström macroglobulinemia
ESH eLearning, Christian BUSKE, 286482
Ph-like B-ALL
ESH eLearning, Sarah K. TASIAN, 286483
Targeted therapy in hairy cell leukaemia
ESH eLearning, Brunangelo Falini, 283474
How to ensure that breakthroughs will happen for NHL/CLL
ESH eLearning, Anas Younes, 283475
Preparatory regimen for efficient CAR-T cell therapy
ESH eLearning, David MALONEY, 283471
Faculty panel discussion: What are the optimal therapeutic strategies of the future for selected lymphoid malignancies?
ESH eLearning, Dr. L Sehn (moderator), Dr. C Buske and Dr. B Falini, 283476
Lymphoma xenografts: how to get back to the bench?
ESH eLearning, David M. WEINSTOCK, 286484
Innovative, adaptive trial design for CLL
ESH eLearning, Andrew PETTITT, 286485
Placenta derived decidua stromal cells for severe acute GVHD and toxicity following allogeneic HSCT
ESH eLearning, Olle RINGDEN, 284339
Application of CAR technology to regulatory T cells
ESH eLearning, Megan LEVINGS, 284340
Is Tafasitamab an alternative to CAR-T?
ESH eLearning, Johannes DÜLL, 284341
IL-1R8, a checkpoint molecule in NK cell-mediated anti-tumoral and anti-viral activity
ESH eLearning, Cecilia GARLANDA, 284336
Immunosuppressive activity of MSC: resolving the mechanism of action
ESH eLearning, Francesco DAZZI, 284337
Clinical trials with TCR engineered T cells
ESH eLearning, Aude CHAPUIS, 284338
ESH eLearning, Cameron TURTLE, 284329
Blocking co-stimulation as anti-myeloma immunotherapy
ESH eLearning, Kelvin LEE, 284330
CD44v6 CAR T cells for AML and MM
ESH eLearning, Fabio CICERI, 284331
Modeling cytokine release syndrome: challenges of defining the undefinable
ESH eLearning, David BARRETT, 284332
Overcoming antigen escape in the setting of CAR T Cell immunotherapy
ESH eLearning, Michael JENSEN, 284333
Next Generation CAR T-cell for Therapy
ESH eLearning, Renier BRENTJENS, 284334
Bispecific antibodies for acute myeloid leukaemia. Early results and challenges
ESH eLearning, John GODWIN, 284335
Indications for Allogeneic HSCT for Adult Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
ESH eLearning, Mark R. Litzow, 279753
Should MRD overcome baseline factors in risk assessment? Adult vs Paediatric opinions
ESH eLearning, Anthony Moorman, 279752
Antibody Conjugates in ALL
ESH eLearning, Hagop Kantarjian, 279751
Metabolism, disposition, and toxicity of ALL drugs
ESH eLearning, Mary V. Relling, 279750
JAK/STAT signaling in T-ALL
ESH eLearning, Pieter Van Vlierberghe, 279749
Targeting oncogenic NOTCH1 signaling in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
ESH eLearning, Jan Cools, 279748
The new taxonomy of B-ALL
ESH eLearning, Charles Mullighan, 279747
ESH eLearning, Nelson LEUNG, 261677
ESH eLearning, Bertrand Arnulf, 261663
Bispecific antibodies in the treatment of multiple myeloma
ESH eLearning, Hermann EINSELE, 261669
Antibody based immune therapy
ESH eLearning, Niels VAN DE DONK, 261689
Car-T cell in clinical practice
ESH eLearning, Hermann EINSELE, 261668
Meta-analyses - how to interpret and to translate to clinical practice
ESH eLearning, Robert Hills, 261673
Is this multiple myeloma? A patient with high serum light chains and renal failure
ESH eLearning, Stefan Knop, 261676
A patient with proteasome inhibitors- and immunomodulatory drugs -refractory disease
ESH eLearning, Salomon Manier, 261679
A transplant-eligible patient with a non-aggressive relapse 24 months after autologous stem cell transplant followed by lenalidomide maintenance
ESH eLearning, Francesca Gay, 261671
A transplant- ineligible patient with partial response after 12 cycles of lenalidomide-dexamethasone - to continue, to limit, to change?
ESH eLearning, Inger Nijhof, 261684
A transplant-eligible patient with an aggressive relapse 12 months after autologous stem cell transplant - what to do now?
ESH eLearning, Paula Rodriguez-Otero, 261687
Smouldering disease - from definition to treatment
ESH eLearning, Salomon Manier, 261672
How to manage side effects
ESH eLearning, Inger Nijhof, 261683
Late relapse
ESH eLearning, Stefan Knop, 261681
First relapse in transplant eligible
ESH eLearning, Sagar Lonial, 261678
Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia
ESH eLearning, Jorge Castillo, 261664
Monoclonal gammopathy of clinical significance
ESH eLearning, Angela DISPENZIERI, 261667
Amyloidosis from diagnosis to treatment
ESH eLearning, Giovanni Palladini, 261680
Transplant non-eligible
ESH eLearning, Thierry Facon, 261670
Transplant eligible
ESH eLearning, Michele Cavo, 261665
First relapse in transplant non eligible
ESH eLearning, KARTHIK Ramasamy, 261686
Bone disease - personalized limited treatment
ESH eLearning, Evangelos TERPOS, 261688
Bone disease - continuous treatment
ESH eLearning, Charlotte PAWLYN, 261685
Functional imaging characteristics of myeloma - promising now, predicting in the future?
ESH eLearning, Elena Zamagni, 261690
What is old - from biology of the disease to patient
ESH eLearning, Sonja ZWEEGMAN, 261691
High risk disease - from definition to treatment
ESH eLearning, Jonathan KEATS, 261675

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