Richter transformation in the elderly patient:molecular origin and new strategies for improved therapies
ESH eLearning, Davide Rossi, 212197
Targeting the DNA Damage Response in high-risk lymphoma: biology and insights for future, less toxic approaches of therapy
ESH eLearning, Christian Reinhardt, 212198
Double hit and other types of high-risk lymphoma:molecular features and optimal management in the elderly patient
ESH eLearning, Paul Hamlin, 212199
Biology of AML at older age
ESH eLearning, Terrence N. Wong, 212185
Therapeutic management of the so-called “fit” older patient with AML
ESH eLearning, Bob Löwenberg, 212186
Management of the unfit patient with AML
ESH eLearning, Gert Ossenkoppele, 212187
The older patient with ALL
ESH eLearning, Hervé Dombret, 212188
Alloegeneic stem cell transplantation at older age
ESH eLearning, Nicolaus Kröger, 212189
Clonal evolution of multiple myeloma
ESH eLearning, Nikhil Munshi, 212190
MGUS and MGUS transition to myeloma, what do we need to do?
ESH eLearning, Irene Ghobrial, 212191
Multiple myeloma in the elderly, a particular challenge in light of numerous novel agents.
ESH eLearning, Jesus San Miguel, 212192
Clonal evolution in malignant lymphoma
ESH eLearning, Jude Fitzgibbon, 212193
Management of indolent lymphoma in the elderly patient
ESH eLearning, Loretta Nastoupil, 212194
Management of comorbidity and specific adverse events in the era of novel kinase inhibitors (ibrutinib, idelalisib, venetoclax) for lymphoid malignancies
ESH eLearning, Farrukh Awan, 212195
Management strategies and outcomes for very elderly patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
ESH eLearning, Loretta Nastoupil, 212196
DNA damage, a driving force of aging
ESH eLearning, Björn Schumacher, 212174
Clonal hematopoiesis
ESH eLearning, Benjamin Ebert, 212175
Clonal hematopoiesis
ESH eLearning, George Vassiliou, 212176
Selection of TP53 mutant clones following chemotherapy
ESH eLearning, Terrence N. Wong, 212177
Aging stem cells and stress
ESH eLearning, Michael Milsom, 212178
Anemia at older age
ESH eLearning, Nancy Berliner, 212179
Microenvironment and MDS
ESH eLearning, Rebekka Schneider, 212180
Biology of MDS
ESH eLearning, Benjamin Ebert, 212181
Management of high grade MDS
ESH eLearning, Pierre Fenaux, 212182
Management of CMML and other MDS/MPN entities
ESH eLearning, Raphaël Itzykson, 212183
Assessing the aging individual with hematologic disorders: How geriatric assessment can define the fitness of an older patient
ESH eLearning, Tanya Wildes, 212184
The pathology of marginal zone lymphomas
ESH eLearning, German Ott, 210034
Marginal zone lymphoma: biology and molecular genetics
ESH eLearning, Ming-Qing Du, 210035
Marginal zone lymphoma. Prognostic models.
ESH eLearning, Carlos Montalban, 210036
Clinical aspects
ESH eLearning, Catherine Thieblemont, 210037
Treatment of splenic marginal zone lymphoma
ESH eLearning, Barbara Kiesewetter, 210038
Treatment of nodal marginal zone lymphoma
ESH eLearning, Catherine Thieblemont, 210039
Treatment of MALT lymphoma
ESH eLearning, Emanuele Zucca, 210040
Novel targeted therapies in CL - Ibrutinib
ESH eLearning, John Gribben, 210025
ESH eLearning, Michael J. Keating, 210026
ESH eLearning, Peter Hillmen, 210027
Follicular lymphoma; from genetics to pathogenesis
ESH eLearning, Riccardo Dalla-Favera, 210028
Clonal evolution of follicular lymphoma
ESH eLearning, Michael R. Green, 210029
Integrating molecular diagnostics for improved patient stratification in follicular lymphoma
ESH eLearning, Oliver Weigert, 210030
Advanced stage patient, first line
ESH eLearning, Christian Buske, 210031
Treatment of follicular lymphoma (FL): Salvage therapy
ESH eLearning, Vincent Ribrag, 210032
New agents
ESH eLearning, Gilles Salles, 210033
Micro RNA dysregulation to identify targets for therapy in hematopoietic malignancies
ESH eLearning, Carlo M. Croce, 210019
Genetic portrait of CLL
ESH eLearning, Cathy Wu, 210020
Predictive biomarkers in CLL
ESH eLearning, Davide Rossi, 210021
ESH eLearning, Michael J. Keating, 210022
ESH eLearning, Olivier Tournilhac, 210023
Chlorambucil plus anti-CD20 MoAb
ESH eLearning, Valentin Goede, 210024
Myeloma Hub
ESH eLearning, ESH , 204612
iCMLf Prize talk
ESH eLearning, Jerry Radich, 205141
John Goldman Prize Talk
ESH eLearning, Tim Hughes, 205140
Janet Rowley Prize talk
ESH eLearning, Mhairi Copland, 205142
Targeting non-coding RNAs in leukemia
ESH eLearning, Ramiro Garzon, 204647
Exportin (XPO1) inhibitors for the treatment of AML
ESH eLearning, Ramiro Garzon, 204648
Novel targets for AML
ESH eLearning, Ramiro Garzon, 204649
The spliceosome mutations that can cause hematological malignancies
ESH eLearning, Omar Abdel-Wahab, 204650
Efficacy of first generation FLT3 inhibitors for AML
ESH eLearning, Miguel Sanz, 204651
The need for collaboration amongst hospitals: learning from RATIFY
ESH eLearning, Miguel Sanz, 204652
Why are new molecules typically combined with standard chemotherapy?
ESH eLearning, Miguel Sanz, 204653
Integrating midostaurin into FLT3 positive AML treatment
ESH eLearning, Miguel Sanz, 204654
Role of genetics in hematological malignancies: expanding our understanding
ESH eLearning, Jane Churpek, 204655
Combinations with FLT3 inhibitors: the way forward for AML treatment
ESH eLearning, Katherine Smith, 204656
Resistance mechanisms to FLT3 inhibitors in AML
ESH eLearning, Katherine Smith, 204657
Infrastructure for AML treatment in Spain
ESH eLearning, Jorge Sierra, 204658
Finding novel treatment options for relapsed/progressing AML
ESH eLearning, Jorge Sierra, 204659
The importance of collaboration in AML research
ESH eLearning, Omar Abdel-Wahab, 204660
Neomorphic mutations driving hematological cancers
ESH eLearning, Omar Abdel-Wahab, 204661
Therapeutics targeting splicing in hematological malignancies
ESH eLearning, Omar Abdel-Wahab, 204662
What are the drivers of leukemia?
ESH eLearning, Omar Abdel-Wahab, 204663
The benefits of patient advocacy groups
ESH eLearning, Jane Churpek, 204664
Developing an understanding of disease progression in MDS and AML
ESH eLearning, Jane Churpek, 204665
Balancing hereditary research with patient care in leukemia
ESH eLearning, Jane Churpek, 204666
Combination therapies and improving overall survival in AML
ESH eLearning, Mark Levis, 204667
The challenges of using kinase inhibitors for AML treatment
ESH eLearning, Mark Levis, 204668
Venetoclax for elderly AML patients
ESH eLearning, Mark Levis, 204669
The drugs being used to treat newly diagnosed AML patients
ESH eLearning, Mark Levis, 204670
AML immunotherapy: patients need to be well informed
ESH eLearning, Marion Subklewe, 204671
The rapid progression of IDH1/2 mutant enzyme inhibitors through clinical trials
ESH eLearning, Stéphane , 204672
Advising AML patients to participate in clinical trials
ESH eLearning, Marina Konopleva, 204673
One size does not fit all: AML subtype treatment approaches
ESH eLearning, Mark Levis, 204674
AML immunotherapy: pre-clinical data to look forward to at ASH 2017
ESH eLearning, Marion Subklewe, 204675
AML clinical trials: early stage vs. relapse/refractory patients
ESH eLearning, Marion Subklewe, 204676
T-cell engaging antibodies: what lessons have we learnt?
ESH eLearning, Marion Subklewe, 204677
Upcoming clinical trials for venetoclax chemotherapy combinations for AML
ESH eLearning, Marina Konopleva, 204678
Providing the relevant information to patients: a changing approach in Spain
ESH eLearning, Jorge Sierra, 204679
What are the alternative treatment options for relapsed or elderly AML patients?
ESH eLearning, Jorge Sierra, 204680
Cytokine release syndrome: a limiting factor for AML treatment
ESH eLearning, John DiPersio, 204681
Bispecific agents: the future of AML and MDS treatment?
ESH eLearning, John DiPersio, 204682
The problem of treating AML with CD123-targeting drugs
ESH eLearning, John DiPersio, 204683
Mimetics: the future of AML treatment?
ESH eLearning, Andrew Wei, 204684
Highly targeted medication for AML
ESH eLearning, Andrew Wei, 204685
Combating AML
ESH eLearning, Andrew Wei, 204686
Current research into pro-apoptosis medication for leukemia
ESH eLearning, Andrew Wei, 204687
The molecular mechanisms of epigenetic therapies: LTRs and TINATs
ESH eLearning, Christoph Plass, 204688
The potential benefits of epigenetic therapy research
ESH eLearning, Christoph Plass, 204689
GATA2 and its influence on AML
ESH eLearning, Emery Bresnick, 204690
Collaboration and cooperation in hematology-oncology research
ESH eLearning, Emery Bresnick, 204691
The use of second generation FLT3 inhibitors for AML
ESH eLearning, Francesco Lo-Coco, 204692
The standardization of molecular diagnostics for myeloid diseases in Italy
ESH eLearning, Francesco Lo-Coco, 204693
New treatments for AML using inhibitors
ESH eLearning, Francesco Lo-Coco, 204694