The spliceosome mutations that can cause hematological malignancies
ESH eLearning, Omar Abdel-Wahab, 204650
Efficacy of first generation FLT3 inhibitors for AML
ESH eLearning, Miguel Sanz, 204651
The need for collaboration amongst hospitals: learning from RATIFY
ESH eLearning, Miguel Sanz, 204652
Balancing hereditary research with patient care in leukemia
ESH eLearning, Jane Churpek, 204666
Combination therapies and improving overall survival in AML
ESH eLearning, Mark Levis, 204667
The challenges of using kinase inhibitors for AML treatment
ESH eLearning, Mark Levis, 204668
Bispecific agents: the future of AML and MDS treatment?
ESH eLearning, John DiPersio, 204682
The problem of treating AML with CD123-targeting drugs
ESH eLearning, John DiPersio, 204683
Mimetics: the future of AML treatment?
ESH eLearning, Andrew Wei, 204684
Expanding trials using bispecifics
ESH eLearning, John DiPersio, 204697
The challenges facing elderly AML treatment
ESH eLearning, Lars Bullinger, 204698
Adapting AML treatment for elderly patients
ESH eLearning, Lars Bullinger, 204699
Translational research in Berlin to improve AML treatment outcomes
ESH eLearning, Lars Bullinger, 204700
The next steps for the IDH2 inhibitor drug enasidenib
ESH eLearning, Stéphane de Botton, 204713
Working with smaller research companies
ESH eLearning, Stéphane de Botton, 204714
The future of AML and MDS diagnosis and treatment
ESH eLearning, Stéphane de Botton, 204715
New generation studies in follicular and mantle cell lymphoma in the US National Clinical Trials Network (NCTN)
ESH eLearning, Little Richard, 202162
European Mantle Cell Network
ESH eLearning, Martin Dreyling, 202163
Activities of the NCRI and UK lymphoma studies
ESH eLearning, Collins Graham, 202164
ESH eLearning, Andy Rawstron, 202155
Initial diagnostic work up of MCL
ESH eLearning, Martin Dreyling, 202156
Status of allogeneic transplant immunotherapy compared to CAR T cells (a comparative analysis)
ESH eLearning, David Maloney, 202157
Immune checkpoint inhibitors in indolent lymphomas
ESH eLearning, Ansell Stephen, 202158
BCL2 & regulation of the apoptotic response in lymphoid
ESH eLearning, Letai Anthony, 202159
Targeting BTK in current therapy of indolent NHL and CLL
ESH eLearning, Maddocks Kami J., 202160
Novel inhibitors in lymphoma – an outlook
ESH eLearning, Carsten Niemann, 202161
Genomic landscape of CLL and other indolent lymphoma
ESH eLearning, Cathy Wu, 202147
Routes of transformation of follicular lymphoma
ESH eLearning, Jude FITZGIBBON, 202148
Next generation sequencing data analysis: critical issues
ESH eLearning, Reinhardt Christian, 202149
CLL microenvironment as a drug target for kinase inhibitors
ESH eLearning, Jan A Burger, 202150
Modulation of the TME in NHL
ESH eLearning, Adrian Wiestner, 202151
Epigenetic basis of germinal center derived B Cell lymphomas
ESH eLearning, Ari Melnick, 202152
Disparity of lymphoma treatment in South America
ESH eLearning, Gabus Raul, 202153
Potential disparities in Europe
ESH eLearning, Hallek Michael, 202154
No treatment is no option for plasma cell leukaemia?
ESH eLearning, Niels VAN DE DONK, 188656
Treatment of Castleman: monoclonal antibodies or chemotherapy ?
ESH eLearning, Angela DISPENZIERI, 188657
Amyloidosis: from proteomics to resolving proteins
ESH eLearning, Giampaolo Merlini, 188658
From the start ?
ESH eLearning, Bart Barlogie, 188659
Later on ?
ESH eLearning, Philippe Moreau, 188660
First line treatment of Tx non-eligible patients from fit to frail
ESH eLearning, Sonja ZWEEGMAN, 188652
Treatment of high risk Multiple Myeloma: should we treat them differently ?
ESH eLearning, Philippe Moreau, 188653
Treatment of refractory disease
ESH eLearning, Meletios A Dimopoulos, 188654
Allogeneic stem cell transplantation: when and who ?
ESH eLearning, Shaji Kumar, 188655
Newly diagnosed Multiple Myeloma: the role of looking different; from skeletal X-ray to CT, from Bence Jones to free light chains in plasma
ESH eLearning, Shaji Kumar, 188647
Risk profiling in Multiple Myeloma: from cytogenetics to genomics
ESH eLearning, Hervé Avet-Loiseau, 188648
MRD-based treatment paradigms: in minimal time ?
ESH eLearning, Angela DISPENZIERI, 188649
CT ?
ESH eLearning, Elena ZAMAGNI, 188650
From limited to total: a back in the time of precision medicine
ESH eLearning, Bart Barlogie, 188651
Molecular remission before alloSCT in Ph+ ALL: impact on relapse and long-term outcome
ESH eLearning, Arnon Nagler, 175147
Therapeutic targeting of biology in CLL: focus on signaling kinase and apoptosis modulation
ESH eLearning, Stephan Stilgenbauer, 174309
Mutations in CLL and how they affect therapy choice (focus on NOTCH1, SF3B1, and TP53)
ESH eLearning, Gianluca Gaidano, 174310
Genotype-based clinical decision making in MPN
ESH eLearning, Francesco Passamonti, 174297
The future of JAK inhibition in MPN
ESH eLearning, Allessandro M. Vannucchi, 174298
CML monitoring: why, which, where and when?
ESH eLearning, Andreas Hochhaus, 174299
Current status of standardization efforts for PCR in CML
ESH eLearning, Nick Cross, 174300
Clinical significance of NGS in second-line treatment and beyond
ESH eLearning, Simona SOVERINI, 174301
The genomic landscape of ALL
ESH eLearning, Christine Harrison, 174302
New subtypes of ALL
ESH eLearning, Charles Mullighan, 174303
Implications of patient genome on clinical decision making in MDS/MPN
ESH eLearning, Michaela Fontenay, 174306
Personalized transplantation procedures in myeloid malignancies
ESH eLearning, Matteo Della Porta, 174307
Treating anaemia according to patient genome
ESH eLearning, Eva Hellström- Lindberg, 174308
ABCs of genomics
ESH eLearning, Nick Cross, 174287
Genomic applications in the clinic: are we ready?
ESH eLearning, Andreas Hochhaus, 174288
Next generation sequencing data analysis: critical issues
ESH eLearning, Torsten Haferlach, 174289
Translational implications of the medical genomics in AML
ESH eLearning, Torsten Haferlach, 174292
Genotype-tailored therapy of AML
ESH eLearning, Hartmut Döhner, 174293
Towards personalized medicine in AML
ESH eLearning, Bob Löwenberg, 174294
Precision medicine in AML: hope, hype or both?
ESH eLearning, Robert Gale, 174295
ESH eLearning, Wolfram Klapper, 173818
Elderly patient, first line
ESH eLearning, Simon Rule, 173819
Salvage treatment
ESH eLearning, Martin Dreyling, 173820
Transformed lymphoma
ESH eLearning, Wolfram Klapper, 173809
Salvage therapies
ESH eLearning, Michael Pfreundschuh, 173810
Burkitt lymphoma
ESH eLearning, Vincent Ribrag, 173811
Double hit lymphoma
ESH eLearning, Hervé TILLY, 173812
Plasmoblastic lymphoma
ESH eLearning, Miguel A Piris, 173813
CNS lymphoma
ESH eLearning, Andrés Ferreri, 173814
ESH eLearning, Philippe Gaulard, 173815
Young patient, first line
ESH eLearning, F D'Amore, 173816
Elderly patient, first line
ESH eLearning, Lorenz Trümper, 173817
Pathology ABC-GCB
ESH eLearning, Philippe Gaulard, 173803
Optimized immunotherapy
ESH eLearning, Umberto Vitolo, 173804
R-CHOP + targeted therapy
ESH eLearning, Andrew Davies, 173805
R-CHOP and maintenance
ESH eLearning, Catherine Thieblemont, 173806
Debate: In DLBCL, is cell of origin ready for prime time ?
ESH eLearning, Michael Pfreundschuh, 173807
Role of PET
ESH eLearning, Olivier CASASNOVAS, 173808
Overcoming painful bone disease in myeloma
ESH eLearning, Nicola Giuliani, 166031
History and progress of CD38 in myeloma
ESH eLearning, Fabio Malavasi, 166032
Maintenance therapy in young myeloma patients beneficial after autologous stem cell transplant
ESH eLearning, M Mohty, 166033
Better doctor-patient communication needed to improve myeloma outcomes
ESH eLearning, Karthik Ramasamy, 166034
History of antiangiogenic drugs in multiple myeloma, starting with thalidomide
ESH eLearning, Jens Hillengaß, 166035
Elderly patients should be treated based on biological age, not chronological
ESH eLearning, Heinz Ludwig, 166036
Cancer or amyloidosis?
ESH eLearning, Giovanni Palladini, 166037
Monoclonal antibodies in multiple myeloma
ESH eLearning, Phillippe Moreau, 166038
How can we make the best decisions for health whilst considering cost?
ESH eLearning, Andrea Manca, 166039
Preemptively treating patients most at risk of progression to myeloma
ESH eLearning, María-Victoria Mateos, 166040
Drug combos with daratumumab likely to become standard of care in myeloma
ESH eLearning, Niels Van De Donk, 166041
Overview of the CD38 antibody in multiple myeloma
ESH eLearning, Torben Plesner, 166042
New drugs and combinations in haematological cancers improve complete remission rates
ESH eLearning, Paolo Corradini, 166043
Benefits and problems of allogeneic stem cell transplantation as multiple myeloma treatment
ESH eLearning, Nicolaus Kröger, 166044

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