Management of MDS with del(5q)
ESH eLearning, M. Jädersten, 165425
Apoptosis and erythroid differentiation
ESH eLearning, G. Courtois, 165650
Autophagy and erythroblast maturation
ESH eLearning, V. Betin, 165651
Epidemiology, pathophysiology and treatment of high altitude polycythemia (Monges’s disease)
ESH eLearning, J.P. Richalet, 165652
Large-scale erythroid differentiation using iPS cells
ESH eLearning, L. Douay, 165653
Not so benign haematology: anaemia of the elderly
ESH eLearning, C.N. Roy, 165654
Novel erythropoiesis-stimulating agents: a new era in anaemia management
ESH eLearning, I. Macdougall, 165655
Malaria: pathology and cytoadherence
ESH eLearning, A. Merckx, 165656
Modifier genes in sickle cell disease
ESH eLearning, J. Elion, 165657
Current diagnostics in- and classification of NHL, including demonstration of diagnostic pitfalls
ESH eLearning, A. Rosenwald, 165472
Staging and response evaluation, including the role of PET/CT scanning, including demonstration of pitfalls in imaging
ESH eLearning, M. Hutchings, 165473
Treatment options, including clinical cases, controversies
ESH eLearning, A. Hagenbeek, 165474
Treatment options, including clinical cases, controversies
ESH eLearning, M. Dreyling, 165475
Current diagnostics and staging of MM, including demonstration of diagnostic pitfalls
ESH eLearning, H. Goldschmidt, 165476
Stratification and response evaluation, including demonstration of pitfalls
ESH eLearning, H. Avet-Loiseau, 165477
Treatment options, including clinical cases, controversies
ESH eLearning, M.V. Mateos, 165478
Treatment options, including clinical cases, controversies
ESH eLearning, G. Merlini, 165479
State of the art including methods for graft facilitation
ESH eLearning, H.E. Broxmeyer, 165531
Cord blood subpopulations and reprogrammed cells
ESH eLearning, G. Koegler, 165532
State of the art
ESH eLearning, E.J. Shpall, 165533
Hematopoietic stem cell expansion to overcome non-engraftment
ESH eLearning, J. Wagner, 165534
The present and future challenges of gene therapy for sickle cell disease
ESH eLearning, F. Mavilio, 165535
Biomarker – based personalized medicine
ESH eLearning, S. Paczesny, 165536
Tregs for immune modulation
ESH eLearning, J. Wagner, 165537
Assesment of HLA diversity in Marseille cord blood bank
ESH eLearning, C. Chabannon, 165538
Human cord blood (CB) derived unrestricted somatic stem cells (USSCS) significantly improves survival and wound healing in an animal model of recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa (RDEB)
ESH eLearning, M. Cairo, 165539
Crosstalk between umbilical cord/cord blood endothelial precursors and mesenchymal stromal cells in promoting new blood vessel formation
ESH eLearning, S. Watt, 165540
Treatment of mesenchymal stromal cells with immunosuppressive drugs increases their immunoregulatory potency
ESH eLearning, J. Girdlestone, 165541
The Italian Cord Blood Platelet Gel project
ESH eLearning, P. Rebulla, 165542
Increasing use of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for ethnic minorities
ESH eLearning, M. Oudshoorn, 165543
Role of non HLA markers for donor selection
ESH eLearning, R. Tamouza, 165544
State of the art
ESH eLearning, E. Baudoux, 165545
Updating the cord blood unit inventory to meet current needs
ESH eLearning, S. Querol, 165546
Role of registries to analyze outcomes data – Eurocord – Netcord
ESH eLearning, V. Rocha, 165547
Sickle cell disease global perspective
ESH eLearning, E. Gluckman, 165548
Is sickle cell disease an autonomic nervous system disorder: what triggers the transition from steady state to crisis?
ESH eLearning, T. Coates, 165549
Haplo-identical related hematopoietic stem cell transplant for sickle cell disease
ESH eLearning, R. Jones, 165550
Epidemiology and treatment of sickle cell in Senegal including hydroxycarbamide, transfusions and chelation in children
ESH eLearning, I. Diagne, 165551
State of the art
ESH eLearning, J. Wagner, 165552
Results of single and double cord blood in adult malignancies: cost efficiency study
ESH eLearning, A. Ruggeri, 165553
Conditioning for cord blood transplant
ESH eLearning, G. Sanz, 165554
Cord blood transplant in children with non malignant disease
ESH eLearning, E. Gluckman, 165555
Cord blood transplantation for adults: what have we learned
ESH eLearning, D. Weisdorf, 165556
Unrelated donor umbilical cord blood transplantation (UCBT) for hemoglobinopathy using reduced intensity conditioning (RIC)
ESH eLearning, A. Abraham, 165557
Outcome analysis of unrelated cord blood transplantation in Korea
ESH eLearning, Y.H. Lee, 165558
Allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) for treatment of high risk hemoglobinopathy patients lacking a fully HLA-matched sibling donor using a novel myeloablative, reduced toxicity conditioning regimen
ESH eLearning, S. Kharbanda, 165559
Haplo versus cord blood: pros cord blood
ESH eLearning, J. Wagner, 165560
Algorythm of donor choice
ESH eLearning, K. Ballen, 165561
The RTN Policy: a comprehensive algorythm of the allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplant for adults with hematological malignancies
ESH eLearning, W. Arcese, 165562
Networks, research tools and cooperation: the example of network research on sickle cell disease in Central Africa
ESH eLearning, L. Tshilolo, 165563
Problems related to the availability of opioids in Africa
ESH eLearning, E. Kafando, 165564
Association for the struggle against sickle cell disease in Niger
ESH eLearning, F. Hima, 165565
Struggle against sickle cell disease Madagascar-France
ESH eLearning, P. Jeannot, 165566
Support association for SCD in Mauritania
ESH eLearning, M. Wane, 165567
Senegalese Association for the struggle against Sickle Cell Disease
ESH eLearning, M. Ndiaye, 165568
Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia
ESH eLearning, Enrica Morra, 38714
Smouldering Myeloma
ESH eLearning, María-Victoria Mateos, 38710
ESH eLearning, Shaji Kumar, 38705
Role of Allo
ESH eLearning, Henk Lokhorst, 38707
Role of consolidation / maintenance
ESH eLearning, M Mohty, 38697
Stratification for risk or age
ESH eLearning, Michele Cavo, 38699
Treatment of relapse
ESH eLearning, Michel Delforge, 38701
Treatment of fit elderly patients
ESH eLearning, Antonio Palumbo, 38718
Treatment of younger patients
ESH eLearning, Pieter Sonneveld, 38720
Histone deacetylase
ESH eLearning, Enrique Ocio, 38716
Monoclonal antibodies
ESH eLearning, Sagar LONIAL, 38708
ESH eLearning, Thierry Facon, 38702
ESH eLearning, Keith Stewart, 38721
ESH eLearning, Roman Hajek, 38703
Renal insufficiency
ESH eLearning, Stefan Knop, 38704
ESH eLearning, Alessandra Larocca, 38706
Bone disease
ESH eLearning, Evangelos TERPOS, 38722
Clinical conditions - Side effects
ESH eLearning, Heinz Ludwig, 38709
ESH eLearning, Evangelos TERPOS, 38723
New tools for response assessment and prognostic value of CR
ESH eLearning, Bruno Paiva, 38717
Prognostic of cytogenetic abnormalities
ESH eLearning, Hervé Avet-Loiseau, 38698
CRAB and staging
ESH eLearning, Philippe Moreau, 38712
Whole genome sequence
ESH eLearning, Nikhil Munshi, 38715
SNIP and CGH arrays
ESH eLearning, Faith Davies, 38700
Gene expression profiling and miRNA
ESH eLearning, Alberto Rocci, 38719
Welcome address
ESH eLearning, Paul Browne, 39325
Wrap-up of new molecular findings in MDS - time for a new classification?
ESH eLearning, Mario Cazzola, 21313
SCT - decision-making for very high-risk and elderly patients
ESH eLearning, lionel Adès, 21312
Hypomethylating agents in best clinical practice
ESH eLearning, lionel Adès, 21310
How to treat thrombocytopenia and autoimmune features?
ESH eLearning, A Ganser, 21308
Combination drug therapy
ESH eLearning, Guillermo Garcia-Manero, 21307
New experimental drugs
ESH eLearning, Guillermo Garcia-Manero, 21306
New molecular and biological targets for treatment
ESH eLearning, Alan List, 21305
Risk evaluation and treatment
ESH eLearning, Pierre Fenaux, 21304
Juvenile myelomonocytic leunited kingdomemia
ESH eLearning, Charolotte Niemeyer, 21303
Adult CMML: clinical features and treatment
ESH eLearning, DT Bowen, 21302
Spliceosome mutations in different subtypes of MDS
ESH eLearning, Seishi Ogawa, 21300
Clinical features and prognosis
ESH eLearning, Eva Hellstrom-Lindberg, 21299
SF3B1 mutations in MDS with ring sideroblasts
ESH eLearning, Mario Cazzola, 21298
ESH eLearning, Ghulam Mufti, 21319
Biology of anaemia and disease progression
ESH eLearning, Jacqueline Boultwood, 21295
Therapeutic recommendations in low- and high-risk MDS
ESH eLearning, Theo De Witte, 21293
Allogeneic stem cell transplantation
ESH eLearning, Nicolaus Kröger, 21291
Hypomethylating agents and chemotherapy
ESH eLearning, Pierre Fenaux, 21290
Immunosuppressive therapy and immunoregulatory drugs (IMiDS)
ESH eLearning, A Ganser, 21289

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