Cytogenetics and NGS
ESH eLearning, Hervé Avet-Loiseau, 165480
Minimal residual disease
ESH eLearning, Bruno Paiva, 165481
Bone disease
ESH eLearning, Nicola Giuliani, 165482
ESH eLearning, Nikhil Munshi, 165483
ESH eLearning, Fabio Malavasi, 165484
Signalling pathways
ESH eLearning, Tuna Mutis, 165485
When to treat
ESH eLearning, Sonja Zweegman, 165486
ESH eLearning, Elena Zamagni, 165487
MGUS and smoldering myeloma
ESH eLearning, María-Victoria Mateos, 165488
Drug development in myeloma
ESH eLearning, Sagar LONIAL, 165489
ESH eLearning, Hermann Einsele, 165490
ESH eLearning, Michele Cavo, 165491
Front line therapy for frail patients
ESH eLearning, Alessandra Larocca, 165492
Supportive care
ESH eLearning, Heinz Ludwig, 165493
ESH eLearning, Steven Treon, 165496
ESH eLearning, Giampaolo MERLINI, 165497
Closing comments
ESH eLearning, JF Seymour, 170308
Q&A panel session
ESH eLearning, Session Speakers, 170307
Tomorrow’s innovations: Emerging novel therapeutic approaches
ESH eLearning, JF Seymour, 170306
Deeper remissions: The future of CLL treatment
ESH eLearning, Julio Delgado, 170305
An update: What patients can expect today
ESH eLearning, Anna Schuh, 170304
A historical perspective on CLL
ESH eLearning, José Eduardo Guimarães, 170303
Inducing non-cell autonomous killing of double-hit lymphoma
ESH eLearning, David Weinstock, 165449
Integration of genetic and clinical information into one score, the CLL-IPI project
ESH eLearning, Jasmin Bahlo, 165450
Functional interactions between malignant and non-malignant cells in lymphoma
ESH eLearning, Hans-Guido Wendel, 165451
Drugs targeting the TME of Hodgkin lymphoma: the clinical story of Nivolumab and other PD1/PDL1 inhibitor
ESH eLearning, Peter Borchmann, 165452
Genomic profiling and clonal evolution under treatment of CLL lymphoma
ESH eLearning, Catherine Wu, 165453
ESH eLearning, Christoph Plass, 165454
PET and CT imaging in Hodgkin lymphoma
ESH eLearning, Lena Specht, 165455
Imaging and circulating tumour DNA in lymphoma
ESH eLearning, Wyndham Wilson, 165456
History and future role of immune therapy in lymphoma
ESH eLearning, Ronald Levy, 165457
Allogeneic stem cell transplantation for lymphoid malignancies – coming to an end?
ESH eLearning, David Maloney, 165458
Mechanisms of BCL2 inhibitors
ESH eLearning, Anthony Letai, 165459
Development of targeted agents in ALL
ESH eLearning, Charles Mullighan, 165460
New agents in the management of NHL
ESH eLearning, Gilles Salles, 165461
The US trials on NHL
ESH eLearning, Richard Little, 165462
The GCLLSG trials
ESH eLearning, Michael Hallek, 165463
The UK trials on CLL
ESH eLearning, Peter Hillmen, 165464
Treatment of paediatric lymphoma
ESH eLearning, Catherine Patte, 165465
Treatment of CNS lymphoma
ESH eLearning, Andres Ferreri, 165466
Treatment of Waldenström macroglobulinemia
ESH eLearning, Steven Treon, 165467
EHA research roadmap for lymphoma
ESH eLearning, Gilles Salles, 165468
Tools for the analysis of big data
ESH eLearning, Clemens Suter-Crazzolara, 165469
The expectations of American patients
ESH eLearning, Brian Koffman, 165470
The expectations of European patients
ESH eLearning, Karen Van Rassel, 165471
The stem cell from embryo to adult
ESH eLearning, Marie Caroline Le Bousse-Kerdiles, 165966
Mesenchymal stromal cells, biology, production and clinical use in haematology
ESH eLearning, Francesco Dazzi, 165967
The stem cell product: collection and delivery
ESH eLearning, Christian Chabannon, 165968
Stem cell source: bone marrow, peripheral blood, cord blood: differences and criteria of choice
ESH eLearning, Session Speakers, 165969
Principles of HLA typing for the clinician and criteria of donor choice
ESH eLearning, Enric Carreras, 165970
The role of transplantation for Hodgkin disease in the light of recent therapeutic advances
ESH eLearning, Anna Sureda, 165971
Lessons on haemopoietic Stem cell transplantation
ESH eLearning, Robert Gale, 165972
Conditioning regimens: reduced intensity versus myeloablative
ESH eLearning, Annalisa Ruggeri, 165973
Matched unrelated donors
ESH eLearning, Andrea Bacigalupo, 165974
Unrelated cord blood
ESH eLearning, eliane Gluckman, 165975
Related haplo mismatched with post-transplant cyclophosphamide
ESH eLearning, Andrea Bacigalupo, 165976
Supportive care
ESH eLearning, Tamas Masszi, 165977
Early non-infectious complications
ESH eLearning, Enric Carreras, 165978
Long term follow-up and late complications
ESH eLearning, Andre Tichelli, 165979
Understanding transplant statistics for clinicians
ESH eLearning, Myriam Labopin , Richard Szydlo, 165980
Diagnosis and treatment of bacterial infection
ESH eLearning, Montserrat Rovira, 165981
Diagnosis and treatment of fungal infection
ESH eLearning, Janos Sinkó, 165982
Diagnosis and treatment of viral infection
ESH eLearning, Montserrat Rovira, 165983
Paediatric malignant diseases
ESH eLearning, Peter Bader, 165984
Paediatric non-malignant diseases / Related haplo mismatched T cell depleted in children
ESH eLearning, Franco Locatelli, 165985
New indications in autoimmune diseases
ESH eLearning, Dominique Farge, 165986
Is gene therapy an option?
ESH eLearning, Fabio Ciceri, 165987
Myeloproliferative disorders
ESH eLearning, Nicolaus Kröger, 165988
Aggressive non Hodgkin lymphoma
ESH eLearning, Peter Dreger, 165989
Adults acute leukaemia (AML and ALL)
ESH eLearning, Sebastian Giebel, 165990
Immune reconstitution and tolerance
ESH eLearning, Francesco Dazzi, 165991
Prevention and treatment of relapse
ESH eLearning, Francesco Dazzi, 165992
Acute GVHD
ESH eLearning, Jane Apperley, 165993
Chronic GVHD
ESH eLearning, Tamas Masszi, 165994
Closing remarks
ESH eLearning, Joan-LLuis Vives-Corrons, 119645
New treatments of dyserythropoiesis
ESH eLearning, Jean-Benoit Arlet, 119644
New treatments of PKD
ESH eLearning, Ann Barbier, 119643
Gene therapy for PKD and other rare disorders
ESH eLearning, Jose Segovia, 119642
Paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuriaClinical picture, underlying mechanisms, laboratory diagnosis
ESH eLearning, Antonio M. Risitano, 119641
Microangiopathic haemolytic anemias TTP, HUS (haemolytic uraemic syndrome)
ESH eLearning, Flora Peyvandi, 119640
Transient and chronic cold-antibody mediated haemolyticanaemia
ESH eLearning, Sigbjorn Berentsen, 119639
Autoimmune haemolytic anaemias by warm antibodies
ESH eLearning, Wilma Barcellini, 119638
Red blood cell enzymes abnormalities
ESH eLearning, Paola Bianchi, 119637
Erythropoietic porphyrias
ESH eLearning, Maria Domenica Cappellini, 119636
Hereditary stomatocytosis
ESH eLearning, loic garcon, 119635
Hereditary elliptocytosis, pyropoikilocytosis and South-east Asian ovalocytosis
ESH eLearning, tabita maia, 119634
Disorders of RBC cytoskeleton: hereditary spherocytosis
ESH eLearning, Paola Bianchi, 119633
Hereditary sideroblastic anaemiasPathophysiology, genetics, clinical, information,Laboratory investigations including rational step of diagnosis
ESH eLearning, Reinier Raymakers, 119632
Hereditary microcytic anaemia - Molecular basis,clinical presentation and management.
ESH eLearning, achille iolascon, 119631
Crosstalk between iron and erythropoiesis:a lesson from IRIDA
ESH eLearning, Laura Silvestri, 119630
Aplastic anaemia
ESH eLearning, Antonio M. Risitano, 119629
Diamond blackfan anaemia
ESH eLearning, Lydie Da Costa, 119628
Congenital dyserythropoietic anaemias (CDA)
ESH eLearning, achille iolascon, 119627
An overwiew on the epidemiology of very rare anaemiasData from the ENERCA project ? The role of registries
ESH eLearning, Michael Angastiniotis, 119626
ESH eLearning, Patricia Aguilar-Martinez, 119625
The niche concept
ESH eLearning, Toshio Suda, 165658
Moving LSC out of the niche
ESH eLearning, Amnon Peled, 165662
Modulation of the bone marrow microenvironment by PTH for improvement of therapy for CML
ESH eLearning, Daniela Krause, 165663
Microenvironment in B cell lymphoma
ESH eLearning, Jianguo Tao, 165664
Access ITP Curriculum
ESH eLearning, ESH , 170302

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